What is bitter melon extract good for?

Bitter Melon

Bitter melon is a kind of vegetable that is often eaten in our daily lives. It is very bitter in taste, but many people still eat it because bitter gourd is with many health benefits. Some people can also supplement the nutrients needed by various organs after taking bitter gourd, so as to prevent diabetes. Then, what are the main medical effects and functions of the bitter melon extract?

What is bitter melon extract good for?

First of all, the bitter melon extract has an anti-diabetic effect. Most patients can promote the normal secretion of insulin after taking it, which can effectively lower blood sugar and also prevent repeated attacks of diabetes. Some patients can reduce the symptoms of relying on insulin injections after taking it. And some patients, taking Momordica charantia extract, can also have a slight anticholinergic effect.

Secondly, bitter gourd extract has a very good inhibitory effect on dry psoriasis and other skin diseases. It can also kill bacteria and viruses on the skin surface to ensure the health of the skin.

Bitter Melon Extract from Shaanxi Porvoo

Some middle-aged and elderly patients can also relieve the symptoms of cataracts and retinopathy after taking the bitter melon extract.

Some patients who take bitter melon extract can strengthen their immunity and resistance to prevent the occurrence of colds and salty symptoms, and can also improve the diseases that occur in the body.

Clinical trials have shown that Momordica charantia extract can also be used to treat symptoms of AIDS and other viral infections.

Above are some of the main health benefits of the bitter melon extract. When taking it, we should follow the doctor’s advice and master the correct usage and dosage. It is not recommended for consumers to take it blindly.

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