What does quercetin do for cancer preventation?

The relation between quercetin and cancer

Quercetin is a beneficial compound widely found in the human diet. Various vegetables and fruits contain this nutrient. Studies have found a link between quercetin and cancer, and this compound prevents the growth of cancer cells, so it has the potential to be used in cancer treatment in the future.

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The specific mechanism by which quercetin prevents cancer is unclear, but most researchers believe that the compound’s anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties are the key reasons. Although a link between quercetin and cancer has been confirmed in experimental settings, the impact of its use in human cancer treatment is uncertain.

From a human nutritional perspective, compounds called polyphenols constitute a common antioxidant in the fight against free radicals. Numerous studies have confirmed the link between free radicals and cancer, so many researchers believe that antioxidants are important in preventing this deadly disease. The most common polyphenol found in the diet is quercetin, which can be found in tea, apples, and a variety of fruits and vegetables. Many nutrition and health experts have found a link between quercetin and cancer prevention through animal and cell isolation studies.

During animal experiments and controlled cell isolation studies, quercetin compounds have been found to help defend against cancer cells and promote their death. This is commonly referred to as apoptosis, which generally means that the cells kill themselves to prevent further genetic mutations from contributing to cancer or other diseases. Studies have found that polyphenols act as a powerful antioxidant to affect these cancer cells and stop their growth. Although there may be other factors in antioxidants that promote apoptosis, more research is needed to confirm this theory.

Some scientists believe that quercetin’s cancer-preventing effects are not only due to antioxidants but are also linked to its anti-inflammatory properties. Since many studies have found a link between cancer and inflammation, researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory compounds in quercetin are the key to cancer prevention.

It is unclear how effective quercetin treatment is in humans by injection or orally. However, most doctors and nutritionists advocate eating more quercetin-rich foods, such as apples and tea, etc to supplement quercetin.


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