What does bitter melon extract do for your health?

The bitter melon extract has good hypoglycaemic properties and is known as plant insulin. As a whole extract ingredient, it is used for type 2 diabetes to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Because it is extracted from plants, it has no toxic or side effects compared with Western medicine hypoglycemic drugs. Follow us to get to know more about bitter melon extract.

History of Bitter Melon Extract

In traditional Chinese herbal medicine, bitter melon is believed to stimulate digestive function and promote appetite. As a fairly common food, bitter melon is commonly used in the tropics as a regulator of the human condition. A variety of infectious diseases, cancer, and diabetes are among the most common human conditions that bitter melon claims to improve.

The unripe fruit, seeds, and above-ground parts of the bitter melon are used to treat diabetes in many parts of the world. Both its leaves and fruit have been used to make tea, beer, or seasonal soups in the Western world. Bitter melon capsules and tinctures are now widely used in the Western world as an herbal remedy for diabetes, AIDS, and other viral diseases, colds, flu, and psoriasis.

Bitter melon extract helps to lower blood sugar

What does bitter melon extract do for your health?

Anti-diabetic effect

The bitter melon extract has a certain effect of lowering blood sugar for diabetic patients. Studies have found that there is an insulin-like substance in the extract of bitter melon that can lower blood sugar. Some studies have also shown that the juice and seeds of bitter melon have a significant hypoglycaemic effect in people with type 2 diabetes. This is because bitter gourd can have a beneficial effect on the recovery of partially damaged pancreatic cells and can inhibit the absorption of glucose in the wall of the small intestine. However, bitter gourd extract can not completely replace regular medicine for treatment. It can only be used as a diet therapy and adjuvant therapy.

Anti-viral function and others

Standard extracts of bitter melon have been shown to be effective in psoriasis, susceptibility to cancer, and pain from neurological complications, and may delay the onset of cataracts or retinopathy. It may also inhibit HIV by destroying the DNA of filtering virulent bacteria. The bitter melon extract also has anti-cancer properties, partly because of its boosting effect on immune function. In addition, studies have shown that bitter melon extract inhibits lymphocyte proliferation and the activity of macrophages and lymphocytes.

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