What are the side effects of bitter melon extract?

Bitter melon extract, as the name suggests, is a natural substance derived from bitter melon. It has a beneficial effect on lowering blood sugar and also has antiviral properties. If there is a corresponding demand, you can use bitter gourd extract under the doctor’s advice. While many people are still worried about its safety. Then, are there any side effects of the bitter melon extract?

The side effects of bitter melon extract

Bitter melon extract is a natural ingredient. To a certain extent, it can promote the secretion of insulin, reduce the value of blood sugar after meals, and avoid the increase of glucose concentration in the blood. It has certain medicinal value and is suitable for people with high blood sugar levels.

Bitter melon extract (Charantin) 10% from Shaanxi Porvoo
Bitter melon extract (Charantin) 10% from Shaanxi Porvoo

Since the Momordica charantia extract is a pure plant extract, it has good safety compared to other chemical drugs used to control blood sugar. Generally, the side effects of bitter gourd extract are relatively few when taken properly. Only when taken in excess may cause a significant decrease in the body’s blood sugar level, affecting the concentration of glucose in the blood and easily causing dizziness, blackness, fainting, and other hypoglycemic symptoms. In addition, large doses of bitter melon extract alone can easily cause diarrhea.

Therefore, bitter melon extract needs to be used properly. If you have insulin-based diabetes or hypoglycemia, it is best not to use bitter melon extracts blindly. It should be taken appropriately according to the doctor’s advice, so as not to cause adverse effects on your health.

At present, there are many bitter melon extract products on the market, and it is very confusing. We should pay attention to the identification, recognize the regular products, and also strictly follow the instructions for use. If adverse reactions occur, stop using them in time. During the period of taking the bitter melon extract, we should also pay attention to a healthy and regular diet, actively do aerobic exercise, and also maintain a calm mind at the same time.

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