Can phytosterols scavenge free radicals?

Can phytosterols scavenge free radicals

Free radicals in the body have close connections with a variety of human diseases. It is said that phytosterols can not only effectively scavenge free radicals, but also play a very important role in preventing some diseases or assisting in the treatment of some chronic diseases. In addition, they can also be safely used in the production of many foods and are with very broad biological functions. Then what is phytosterol? Can it be used to scavenge free radicals?

What are free radicals? Why is it necessary to scavenge free radicals?

Human survival requires constant breathing of oxygen. When oxygen enters the body, various oxidative reactions occur. In this process, some unstable substances are produced, which like to attack others, called free radicals. When the concentration is not too high, the body’s own antioxidant system can eliminate these free radicals. But when the concentration is too high, the body’s own antioxidant system is not enough.

Second-hand smoke, alcoholism, ultraviolet light, electrical radiation, sun exposure, environmental pollution, water pollution, air pollution, pesticides, insecticides, food additives, excessive mental stress, and emotional problems …… Too many factors increase free radicals.

Free radicals can affect the metabolic function of cells. This leads to a number of related diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, arthritis, skin aging, etc.

Do phytosterols scavenge free radicals?

Phytosterol itself is a compound existing in nature. Although the content is not very high, it is with a wide range of values. In addition to phytosterols, there are also animal sterols, etc. Phytosterol has many health benefits and is considered a relatively mild scavenger of free radicals. It not only can effectively scavenge free radicals but also has a very good effect on maintaining the stability of cell membranes and inhibiting & preventing inflammation. In addition, it can aid in the treatment of atherosclerosis and anti-cancer. It also plays a certain role in regulating the body’s immunity against infection or inhibiting the reproduction of bacteria or fungi.

In addition to the above efficacies, the use of phytosterols has a very good promotion effect on plant and animal growth, and can also improve body functions. It can be used as a health food additive in many fields, such as cosmetics, food, feed, pharmaceuticals, etc. The appearance is in white crystalline or crystalline powder with no obvious taste and can be used safely.

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